Hummingbird A Big Piece Of My Heart Decal


A Big Piece Of My Heart Lives In Heaven💕💕

A customized decal can add a special touch that makes a difference to your properties


  • ʚɞ Decals are perfect for cars, walls, trucks, lockers, windows, phone cases, laptops, mailboxes, glass, or any smooth surface.
  • ʚɞ These are made with high-quality plastic that is durable, waterproof.
  • ʚɞ The printed image is clear to ensure no color is faded.
  • ʚɞ Transparent background.
  • ʚɞ Easy to peel off.
  • ʚɞ Size: 6"x6"/8"x 8"

Note: Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the decal.